Innovative Problem Solvers for Lasting Results and Trust

We're a group of problem solvers who use human talent, experience, and technological innovation to produce long-term results and establish trust.

Oil and Gas Service Company with Expertise

MADOLINE NIGERIA LIMITED founded in 2010 started as a supply chain company, having its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. Its focus and delivery was to reduce down time in manufacturing/oil and gas facilities. Exposure to delivery issues led us to take up challenges on consultancy and performance in core Engineering concerns. The company’s vision is to appraise and deliver on existing setbacks in the chain of productivity in society, aiming to be a preferred Engineering/oil and gas solution provider. Madoline Nigeria limited invests in research to identify and tackle issues on performance driven projects in the oil and gas, alongside the maintenance services.

Our Core Values

Trust must be earned rather than given. By consistently delivering on our promises, whether to our colleagues, partners, or customers, we build productive relationships based on accountability and mutual respect. This is essential for our long-term survival.

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