Oil Pollution Cleanup

Our Oil Pollution & Cleanup Services is designed to provide toxic hazardous material containment and remedial environmental solutions in high risk contamination sites. We have the equipment, expertise and knowledge to initiate a quick response and contain oil spillage. Our preparedness in emergency spill response helps minimize damage to buildings, water bodies and the environment, as a result of hydrocarbons spills. By containing oil spills at an early stage, we are able to save our clients’ thousands of dollars and reduce the harmful oil pollution impacts to the environment.

Equipment Supply & Leasing

We provide equipment & Material procurement services for the oil and gas industry. We provide quality equipment and spare parts with installation and maintenance support. All our equipment meet standard API Specifications. As a company, we have been supplying equipment for the oil and gas industry for several years. Our exceptional service and timely delivery have earned us respect as one of the top players in oil and gas procurement across Africa. Over the years, we have developed a good working relationship with major manufacturers and suppliers in the US and Across Europe. Consequently, we are able to offer the most competitive prices and deliver according to specification and budget in a timely manner.

Haulage and Logistics Services

We provide haulage services for all types of sea containers (20ft. & 40ft). Our service areas include Container loading, unloading, transportation of container from the sea to the port, full container loads. We have good experience in transportation of heavy-duty containers. We partner with some of the world best logistics agencies to deliver goods to several destinations across the world. Our experience in world class shipping services coupled with our extensive network of partners allows us to deliver at the most competitive prices available in the industry. We also have the capacity to transport just about anything across the world’s oceans. Whether on land or sea, we will deliver your freight safely, timely and within budget. Our team is able to negotiate the best shipping rates and manage all the paper work from customs. We will act on your behalf to ensure smooth and successful delivery of your air, road and sea shipments.

Tank Cleaning Service

Madoline oil tank services uses the proper materials and processes for crude oil tank cleaning to avoid the loss of valuable hydrocarbons. Oil makes up 67 percent of the crude oil sludge, while solids make up 25% and water makes up 8%. In refineries and tank farms, this sludge collects at the bottom of oil tanks, clogging discharge lines and reducing storage capacity. Oil tanks must be cleaned and sludge removed on a regular basis to maximize storage capacity and minimize obstructions and accelerated corrosion.

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